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A Wall of Earth

Wall is an earthbending ability that raises a wall made out of any earthy blocks in front of you. It's a great defensive tool because it blocks any incoming projectile (i.e. blocks, arrows, fireballs, shulker balls).

Unlocking this ability requires a tier III scroll.

Level II

This ability upgrade increases the range of the wall and increases the wall's size.

This ability upgrade requires a tier III scroll.

Level III

This ability creates an even larger wall with even more range.

This ability upgrade requires a tier IV scroll.

Level IV

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Wall's level IV upgrade.

Crash and Smash: Allows you to shoot projectiles through the wall.

Crash and Smash is a perfect way to defend and attack at the same time. Left clicking the wall allows the player to shoot out sections of it which damages mobs on the receiving end. It's also a very terrain-destroying move because shooting all the blocks in the wall leaves no more blocks to return to the earth, scarring the land in the process.

This upgrade requires a tier V earthbending scroll.

Pillars of Protection: Surround yourself with four walls and push your enemies away with them.

This upgrade is the ultimate defense maneuver in earthbending. The four walls prevent anyone from approaching you. This upgrade is recommended for earthbenders who specialize in defense.

This upgrade requires a tier V earthbending scroll.


Creating a wall under your feet can allow you to jump insane heights. This can be used to escape or to move around very quickly. You can also create a wall under a mob's feet to propel them into the air. This maneuver can be used to kill mobs with fall damage.