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Specialized Bending

Some bending styles can use specialized bending. This can be unlocked through the use of scrolls found in unique places. Sub-bending offers an arsenal of new and unique abilities and combat styles to fight with. There are four different sub-bending styles.

Upon learning sub-bending. you can use these new abilities in addition to the main bending styles you originally used.


Ice symbol.png
The Ice Emblem

Icebending is a sub bending style of Waterbending in Avatar Mod 2 which allows waterbenders to freeze water into ice. This is an incredibly useful extension to Waterbending as it allows waterbenders create barriers to protect against enemy attacks and as there are not many great defensive abilities included in the normal set of Waterbending abilities.

For more information, go to the main Icebending page.


Sand symbol.png
The Sand Emblem

Sandbending is a sub bending style of Earthbending in Avatar Mod 2 that allows benders to manipulate sand. This technique gives earthbenders a significant advantage when fighting other benders on sand, as they will now also have access to a variety of powerful sand-related abilities. Although sandbending is most effective when used near sand, earthbenders can still bend the small gravel particles in any rocky environment to utilize sandbending abilities.

For more information, go to the main Sandbending page.


Combustion symbol.png
The Combustion Emblem

Combustionbending is a sub bending style from firebending. It specializes in extremely offensive attacks at the cost of a chance to damage yourself. Combustionbending is about doling out explosive damage and is very strong for dealing with a singular target. Combustionbending is not as defensive as other styles of bending, however its offense makes up for that.

For more information, go to the main Combustionbending page.


Lightning symbol.png
The Lightning Emblem

Lightningbending is a sub bending style of Firebending in Avatar Mod 2 which involves the generation of lightning bolts. This technique has historically been an extremely powerful and special ability which further enhances the offensive power of firebenders, and lightningbending in AV2 is no joke! Lightningbending deals huge amounts of damage and is a great enhancement to the offensive firebending playstyle.

For more information, go to the main Lightningbending page.

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