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A Baby Sky Bison

Sky bison are tamable and rideable mobs that are found in mountain-like biomes and are capable of flying. They are usually flying and only come down to the ground to eat once in a while which makes them a challenge to tame.


To tame a sky bison, you should hold out wheat or hay bales. Nearby flying bison will come towards you, but only from a short range.

Feed the bison food until white smoke appears. Then, feed the bison an apple to tame it.

You can't ride a bison until it has reached a mature age and you put a saddle on it.

Sky bison can breed but they will do it automatically. They can only breed a few times but their children cannot breed.


Riding a Sky Bison

To be able to ride your bison you need to equip it with a bison saddle. There are four tiers of saddles, each one allowing more people to mount the mob. Equipping saddles increase their defense as well. The tiers are:

  • Basic Saddle (1 player can mount)
  • Sturdy Saddle (2 players can mount)
  • Studded Saddle (4 players can mount)
  • Majestic Saddle (6 players can mount)

Once the saddle is equipped, press left-click to ride it. To ascend, look down and press S (reverse)


Sky bison can hold up to 27 slots, depending on their age.

To access their inventory you can: shift + left-click or right-click the bison with a chest. Alternatively, pressing E while riding the bison also works.


Sky bison can be equipped with bison armor to protect them from harm. Useful if you use them to engage in combat. Even though saddles add a few armor points, the armor is the best way to protect your bison. There are four types of armor:

  • Woven Armor (8 armor points)
  • Chain Armor (16 armor points)
  • Wrought Armor (20 armor points)
  • Legendary Armor (26 armor points)

Owner Transferal

To transfer ownership of a bison, you must first bind a bison whistle to a bison by shift-clicking on it. Then, give the whistle to your friend and have him/her use it.

A chat message will appear to confirm transferring the bison. Press L on your keyboard (can be changed) to confirm the bison transfer.