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Sandstorm lvl1.gif
Sandstorm in Action

Sandstorm is a sandbending ability that allows the user to conjure a dust devil that sweeps up all entities in its path. Right-clicking while the tornado is active will result in the tornado returning to your position.

You can use this ability to grab a mob from far away and pull them towards you.

Unlocking this ability requires a tier II or higher sandbending scroll or a tier II or higher elemental scroll.

Level II

This upgrade makes the tornado move slightly faster and travel slightly further. A helpful all-rounded upgrade to sandstorm.

This upgrade requires a tier II scroll to unlock.

Level III

Intense whiplash and tough sand grains deal damage to targets when they are flung away. This upgrade adds an offensive factor to this attack.

This ability upgrade requires a tier III scroll to unlock.

Level IV

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Sandstorm's level IV upgrade.

Strong Gusts: The sands are unaffected by the effects of airbending.

The Strong Gusts upgrade allows the sandstorm to ignore the effects of airbending. In addition, the sandstorm now moves much faster. This upgrade is advised for sandbenders who want immunity against airbenders.

This upgrade requires a tier IV scroll to unlock.

Harsh Grains: Whirling grains of fine sand cause continuous damage to targets caught in the sandstorm

The Harsh Grains upgrade makes the sandstorm deal passive damage to those caught in its fury. This upgrade is highly recommended for sandbenders who would like to make sandstorm an offensive ability.

This upgrade requires a tier IV scroll to unlock


Be careful! Sandbending abilities are nullified by airbending abilities unless upgraded to resist them. Fighting an airbender with sandbending is a bad matchup!

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