Sand Prison

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Snaring a Pig With Sand

Sand Prison is a sandbending ability that allows the user to trap mobs in a sand snare. As long as they are stuck in the sand, they can't move or attack you. This ability is a utility-based ability to trap mobs and escape.

Unlocking this ability requires a tier I or higher sandbending scroll or a tier I or higher elemental scroll.

Level II

This upgrade allows you to use this ability in all earth blocks by manipulating the fine grains of sand sediment.

This upgrade requires a tier I scroll to unlock.

Level III

This upgrade makes the prisoner receive temporary slowness after being freed from the snare.

This ability upgrade requires a tier II scroll to unlock.

Level IV

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Sand Prison's level IV upgrade.

Coarse Grains: The prisoner takes damage after being freed

Coarse Grains is an offensive upgrade to the normally-passive sand prison. It offers a new playstyle and use for sand prison. This upgrade is recommended for sandbenders who want to turn sand prison into an offensive attack.

This upgrade requires a tier III scroll to unlock.

Solid Sands: The sand cannot be blown away by airbending.

The Sold Sands upgrade makes airbenders unable to disperse the sand in the snare. This upgrade is highly recommended for sandbenders who would like more freedom against airbenders.


Be careful! Sandbending abilities are nullified by airbending abilities unless upgraded to resist them. Fighting an airbender with sandbending is a bad matchup!

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