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Restore in Action

Restore is an earthbending ability that provides temporary buffs to the earthbender's power rating which increases the damage output up to 2x the normal damage. It also provides several other buffs like the vanilla Resistance effect, reducing the amount of damage the earthbender takes.

Like other buff-based abilities, restore modifies the player's vision to show that the ability is active. While active, the world will appear greenish and desaturated through the earthbender's eyes.

However, there are still some drawbacks to using this ability. While the ability is active, the player will become much slower, which makes it harder to dodge incoming attacks.

Unlocking this ability requires a tier V scroll.

Level II

This upgrade gives restore the ability to heal you and regenerate your body.

This ability upgrade requires a tier V scroll.

Level III

You lose less speed when using this ability and your regeneration rate is increased. Along with these effects, you gain a strength boost for a couple of seconds.

This ability upgrade requires a tier VI scroll.

Level IV

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Restore's level IV upgrade.

Guardian of Life: Your strength and resistance are increased. Huge chi increase.

The Guardian of Life upgrade gives you a massive boost in strength and resistance along with a chi boost. This upgrade is recommended for those who use weapons because the strength and resistance boosts are paramount in weapon based combat.

This upgrade requires a tier VII earthbending scroll.

Sustenance of Life: You effectively regenerate your chi completely and saturate yourself.

This ability is well suited for healing purposes. Since this ability gives you saturation, you don't need to eat any more food to survive. This upgrade is recommended for earthbenders who want to remain self-sustainable and don't want to rely on food.

This upgrade requires a tier VII earthbending scroll.