Planned Features

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Before suggesting a feature, check out our discord! You'll be able to discuss ideas and potential features with fellow mod-users. However, please keep in mind that your idea will not be considered if it does not follow the following:

  • Canon. If the idea is not canon, it is highly unlikely to be added unless the developers specifically want it in-game.
  • Repetitive. If this feature is already in the game, don't suggest it. It clogs up our idea logs.
  • Cactus Juice, Bloodbending, Lavabending, etc. Please do not ask about this. It is a planned feature that has been brought up way too many times.

With that said, if your idea doesn't fall within any of those categories, feel free to post it in the comments or on the #ideas section of our discord. We are taking in new ability ideas and mechanics.

Confirmed Features

At the moment, the mod is under the 1.12 version. After this is done, it will move on to the Rewrite. The Rewrite is a massive several year project moving the mod to a future Minecraft (at least 1.16.2). It'll take about 2 years from when the developers first start it for the initial version. The rewrite will completely change the codebase from the ground up, fixing pretty much all known bugs. However, the initial release will contain considerably less content than the current release, as the mod has to be rewritten. The quality, however, will be significantly beyond even 1.6.0, with more ways to activate abilities, better textures, more progression, and a better experience.

There will be more creatures, more bending abilities, along with all canon things that will be added in the Rewrite!

The current updates fall under the 1.12 version.

Q: What can we expect from the final 1.12 update?

The final 1.12 update will have all the bending styles and abilities polished and neat. There will be new graphics, new textures, and new mechanics. You can expect new abilities for each bending style and at least four reworked abilities for each sub-bending style.

Until then, please be patient. Our developers are working as hard as they can!

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