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A Firebender

Human Benders are neutral mobs/NPCs added by the Avatar Mod that are usually found around villages and can use bending. Each Human Bender will use a specific bending style.


Human Benders are neutral mobs and won't attack first. When provoked, they will use several abilities of their bending style against the player, depending on their type. Human benders sometimes drop a scroll of their bending style and have a rare chance to drop a universal scroll.

In addition, human benders come in seven different levels. Killing a human bender gives a chance to drop a scroll of its bending style with a level identical to that of the level of the human bender.

Human Benders can appear in two variations:

Waterbenders and Earthbenders will be added in the Rewrite. For more information concerning the Rewrite, please check the section.


Similar to villager, human benders have a trading interface. They can trade gold, emeralds, diamonds, blaze rods, etc. for unique items such as scrolls or gliders.