Avatar Mod 2 Wiki

So you've spawned into a new world and you're wondering how to begin.

You need to first collect a total of 3 scrolls of a base element: fire, water, air or earth to unlock a bending style and abilities. Additionally, universal scrolls also work so you can use them as well.

Here's a quick tip on where to look for these:

  • Water Scrolls: Water scrolls are obtained by hunting aquatic mobs like otter penguins or squids.
  • Earth Scrolls: I would suggest hunting all hostile mobs you can find. Search for desert temples for earth scrolls because they can be found in desert temple chests.
  • Fire Scrolls: Fire is a bit of a tough element. Until the nether, your best way to find these scrolls is through trading or killing human benders.
  • Air Scrolls: In my opinion, air scrolls are the easiest to find. Your best way to find these scrolls is through killing chickens or sheep. You can also kill human benders but I'd suggest against it because they're extremely powerful!