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Throwing Fire

Flamethrower is a firebending ability that releases a stream of fire from your hand. It is activated by holding right click (indicated on the crosshair). The stream burns every entity in front of you until you release the right click.

This ability requires a tier II scroll to unlock.

Level II

Increases the amount of flames that are emitted by the flamethrower but requires more chi to use consistently.

This ability upgrade requires a tier II scroll to unlock.

Level III

Increases range and precision along with a massive damage increase!

This ability upgrade requires a tier III scroll to unlock.

Level IV

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Flamethrower's level IV upgrade.

Dragon's Breath: Breathe about multicolored high-pressure flames that can damage armor.

The Dragon's Breath ability changes the color of the flames into a multicolored wildfire that can damage armor. This upgrade is recommended for firebenders who would like to damage armor.

Phoenix's Wrath: Huge unfocused fire that creates flames everywhere.

This upgrade makes Flamethrower an extremely effective close-combat move. Not only do flames spread in a wide range, ensuring nearby enemies are caught, they also create fires on the ground. Caution is recommended when using this upgrade as you may burn down important structures. Also keep in mind this uses twice the chi as normal.


As with most other flame-based attacks, the collision of two flamethrowers will result in a giant wall of flame at the point of collision. You can use flamethrower to split another flame attack.