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Spontaneous Combustion

Explosion is a combustionbending ability that allows the user to create an explosion from their mind. The explosion has a limited range of 20 blocks, and appears on the block in which the player's cursor is on.

This ability is an offensive ability that is mainly used for combat.

Unlocking this ability requires a tier I or higher combustionbending scroll or a tier I or higher elemental scroll

Level II

This upgrade makes the explosion slightly bigger. The explosion now also launches mobs into the air on a direct hit.

This upgrade requires a tier I scroll to unlock.

Level III

This upgrade increases the range to up to 20 blocks and creates an even bigger explosion

This ability upgrade requires a tier II scroll to unlock.

Level IV

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Explosion's level IV upgrade.

Sniper Rifle: Gives a ridiculous range boost but makes the explosion size smaller

The Sniper Rifle upgrade allows the player to explode mobs from an insane distance at the cost of a smaller explosion. This upgrade is advised for combustionbenders who prefer a more ranged fighting style.

This upgrade requires a tier III scroll to unlock.

Boom!: A massive explosion with a limited range. Does ridiculous damage on a direct hit.

The Boom! upgrade increases the explosion size and damage. It is recommended for combustionbenders who focus on doling out raw damage extremely quickly.

This upgrade requires a tier III scroll to unlock


Be careful! Combustionbending abilities can damage the player!