Avatar Mod 2 Wiki

Avatar Commands

/avatar bending

/avatar bending add Wyxels airbending

Using this command, you can give yourself a bending style. It is the only way to obtain multiple bending styles at once, and can only be used in a world with cheats enabled. You aren't limited to only giving yourself airbending though, here's a list of possible bending you can give yourself.

  • airbending
  • firebending
  • earthbending
  • waterbending
  • icebending
  • combustionbending
  • sandbending
  • lightningbending

Please note that you need to have the main bending style unlocked if you want to give yourself the sub-bending style. You can also give yourself all the bending styles by inputting the following command.

/avatar bending add Wyxels all

Due to the mod not having the avatar state, this is the closest it gets to that!

/avatar xp

/avatar xp Wyxels air_gust lvl1

With this command, you can set your ability level. This can be changed by modifying the code to display lvl2, lvl3, or lvl4. Since level four abilities have two possible paths, you'll want to input lvl4_1 or lvl4_2 to obtain the respective final upgrade.

This commands may be used to reset a bending style. If you want to reset an ability, use this command and set the ability level to level 1.

All abilites have different names. For example, there's air_gust, airblade, air_jump just to name a few. Pressing tab will automatically complete the name of the ability for you.