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Combustion symbol.png
The Combustionbending Embem

Combustionbending is a sub bending style from firebending. It specializes in extremely offensive attacks at the cost of a chance to damage yourself. Combustionbending is about doling out explosive damage and is very strong for dealing with a singular target. Combustionbending is not as defensive as other styles of bending, however its offense makes up for that.


One can learn Combustionbending by studying Combustionbending scrolls found in Nether Fortresses. These rare scrolls can be found in the numerous chests in the nether fortress. Unlike the main four Bending Styles, learning Combustionbending requires only one scroll, making it significantly easier to learn this specialty bending style. Alternatively, you can find these scrolls by killing creepers.

Once Combustionbending is unlocked, abilities and upgrades can be unlocked with either Combustionbending, Firebending, or Universal scrolls.


Currently, combustionbenders are capable of using 2 abilities:

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