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Bison Whistle

The bison whistle is an item whose main purpose is to call a sky bison to its owner. If you have a bison whistle in your hand, the bison will follow you around.


First, you must bind the whistle to the bison. Shift-click the bison with the whistle to the bison to bind it to that bison. You can only bind whistles to bison that you own. To call the bison, use the bison whistle with right click.


Bison whistles have a chance to spawn in Nether Fortresses, End Cities, or Strongholds.

Bison Transfer

Bison whistles can also be used to transfer a flying bison from one owner to the next.

  • Bind the whistle as described above
  • Give the whistle to a friend
  • Have the friend use the whistle
  • Press L on your keyboard to confirm the bison transfer
    • This keybind can be changed in the controls panel.