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Bending Styles

There are numerous different styles of bending in the world of Avatar. Bending styles have their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as general strategies to be used in combat. Each style has many different abilities. The four major bending styles are Airbending, Earthbending, Firebending, and Waterbending.

In addition, players can also learn specialty bending styles. Currently, Icebending, Lightningbending, Sandbending, and Combustionbending are available for players to learn.

Bending can be obtained by finding and then using scrolls. Players can only wield one bending style, so you better choose wisely. If you are on a world with cheats enabled, you can commands to give yourself an element.

The only way to reset a bending style is through commands! Choose wisely when in a non-cheats world!

If you have any more questions regarding starting off a new world, please visit the Getting Started page! If you have an idea for a new bending style, please either post it on the #ideas channel on Discord or visit the planned features page.


Main article: Airbending

Air is the element of freedom. It specializes in mobility and speed.

Airbenders can move the flow of the air around them or their enemies. This makes airbending a fairly fast and agile style of bending, allowing airbenders to quickly get to hard-to-reach places. However, the nature of airbending means that there are many less direct damage-related moves, meaning that airbenders must find creative ways to defeat enemies.


Main article: Earthbending

Earth is the element of substance. It specializes in defense.

Earthbenders use their surrounding blocks as weapons or defense in combat. This means that earthbenders frequently rely on their environment as an advantage over other benders. Earthbending can be fairly aggressive but there generally are less mobility-related moves available.


Main article: Firebending

Fire is the element of power. It specializes in offense.

Firebenders are known for their aggressive and quick combat style. As such, firebending involves many fast-paced attacks and movement abilities. Also, most firebending abilities create fires which can be used to restrict the enemy's mobility. However, firebending lacks in many defense-related moves which makes it harder to survive sustained combat.


Main article: Waterbending

Waterbending is the element of change. It specializes in fluidity and grace.

Waterbenders manipulate water to use as both as weapons and as defenses. This makes waterbending a rather well-rounded bending style with some abilities for each function. Waterbenders must be near a source of water to use most of their abilities, or have a filled water pouch in their inventory.


Main article: Lightningbending

Lightningbending is a sub-style of Firebending which involves the generation of lightning. This technique has historically been an extremely powerful and special ability which further enhances the offensive power of firebenders, and lightningbending in AV2 is no joke! Lightningbending deals huge amounts of damage and can even electrocute enemies through water.


Main article: Icebending

Icebending lets Waterbenders freeze water into ice, which is very useful for creating barriers to protect against enemy attacks. This is an incredibly useful extension to Waterbending as there are not many great defensive abilities included in the normal set of Waterbending abilities.


Main article: Sandbending

Sandbending is a specialized technique of Earthbending that allows benders to manipulate the small grains of sand. This technique gives earthbenders a significant advantage when fighting other benders on sand, as they will now also have access to a variety of powerful sand-related abilities. Although sandbending is most effective when used near sand, earthbenders can still bend the small gravel particles in any rocky environment to create sandbending abilities.


Main article: Combustionbending

Combustionbending is a rare and powerful specialty of Firebending which allows the bender to create focused blasts of explosions. Not much is known about this unique type of bending, but it allows the firebender to attack from much greater ranges and create explosions at targets almost instantaneously.