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Welcome to the Avatar Mod 2 Wiki!

This is the place to learn about the up and coming Avatar Mod 2. Immerse yourself in the mod, learn about bending styles, abilities, mobs, and much more! Join the main discord at https://discord.gg/jPVMETb.

To learn more about the mod, visit the main directory or browse through the links below for more information. If you have any questions or ideas, put them in the comments section below!

Main Articles

Welcome to the Avatar Mod 2 Wiki! Here, you can learn all about our mod and ask questions in the comments section! Below is the guide to getting started with the mod:

The mod offers many different bending styles, all of which are described in detail below.

Along with bending styles, the mod introduces some new mobs into the game, all of which are described below

Last but not least, the mod introduces new items to the game.