Avatar Mod 2 Wiki

Power Ratings are a mechanic in Avatar Mod 2 which represents these types of factors affecting a person's bending ability in any situation. Increasing the Power Rating yields greater damage for the bender - up to 2x the normal damage, potentially giving them a significant edge in combat.

However, some factors can also harm a bender's performance which results in a negative Power Rating. For example, firebenders will have reduced performance during the night. This will cause the bender to deal reduced damage in combat, making it less likely for them to win. Negative Power Ratings can reduce damage up to 1/4, so be careful!

The current Power Rating is visible along with Performance in the top-right corner of the screen. Power Ratings range from -100 to +100, but usually are around 0, which doesn't affect damage at all. At the maximum Power Rating of 100, you will dish out twice the usual damage! However, benders will only deal a quarter of the damage if their Power Rating is at -100.

It is important to understand that the value of one's power rating can't be permanently changed, so your power rating will often fluctuate depending on the situation. Understanding how to maximize your Power Rating is a great way to give yourself an advantage in combat.

Environmental Factors

There is a different Power Rating for each of the player's Bending Styles. Here is how the environment affects each Bending Style:

  • Airbending: Increased from using Air Jump
  • Earthbending: Depends on whether the player has a health advantage. When the player has more health than nearby enemies, the power rating will increase. When the player has less health than nearby enemies, the power rating will decrease.
  • Firebending: Increased during the day and decreased during the night.
  • Waterbending: Increased during the night and decreased during the day.

Keep in mind that Power Ratings can be changed in other ways as well. For example, using buff abilities will temporarily raise one's bending power.