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The Firebending Radial Menu

Abilities are actions or special moves that a user of a certain bending style can execute. Every ability is exclusive to its bending style and cannot be used by other benders, except for the avatar. For questions about the avatar state, please visit the Directory.

All abilities are locked by default and the player has to unlock them one by one through the use of scrolls. Each ability can be upgraded four times, from level I, each improving the ability. Every ability at level IV has two variants which have their own benefits and is up to the bender to choose the one that suits their style better.

You can use abilities by accessing the radial menu (Alt key on Windows) and hovering over the ability you would like to use. Another way to access your abilities is through keybinding, which is a lot more efficient. To set a keybind, go to the main bending interface (K key) and select a move to keybind.

The Firebending Interface

Upon entering the bending interface, you can scroll left and right to view and unlock the associated abilities. You can also cycle through different sub-bendings while in the interface and access their abilities. When clicking on the ability, you'll be able to see your progress and experience on said ability.

Remember that ability performance is strongly contingent on the Power Rating. Knowledge about the Power Rating will increase your edge during combat!

Alternatively, you may use commands if your world has cheats enabled to level up your abilities.


The Airbending Menu

Airbenders have 7 different abilities


The Earthbending Menu

Earthbenders have 6 different abilities.


The Firebending Menu

Earthbenders have 6 different abilities.


The Waterbending Menu

Waterbenders have 6 different abilities.


The Icebending Menu

Icebenders have 2 different abilities in addition to the 6 waterbending abilities.


The Sandbending Menu

Sandbenders have 2 different abilities in addition to the 6 earthbending abilities.


The Combustionbending Menu

Combustionbenders have 2 different abilities in addition to the 6 firebending abilities.


The Lightningbending Menu

Lightningbenders have 4 different abilities in addition to the 6 firebending abilities.